Olive Oil Tasting

by Pablo Voitzuk

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A recorded video lesson on olive oil sensory assessment by NYIOOC panel leader Pablo Voitzuk


Certificate Course

In this 3-hour video series, Pablo Voitzuk presents an in-depth lesson on olive oil tasting, from basic concepts to advanced sensory analysis, that will prepare you to perform your own quality assessments of EVOO samples at work or home.

Course Outline

Olive Oil Tasting

Part 1

Duration: About 69 minutes

  • Why olive oil tasting is important
  • Olive oil tasting basics
  • Testing regulations and scoring
  • Testing panel expertise
  • Olive oil defects - rancidity
  • Major defects from fermentation
  • Olive oil defects - musty
  • Olive oil defects - frostbitten
  • Other defects
  • Assessing intensity

Part 2

Duration: About 103 minutes

  • How to taste in competitions
  • Recognizing descriptors
  • Perfumes and secondary perfumes
  • Descriptors
  • Bitterness and pungency
  • Persistence
  • Advanced tasting
  • Tasting blends
  • Recognizing cultivars
  • Mistakes tasters make
  • Tasting for food pairing
  • Conclusion
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